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The Original Books Of The Bible

The Original Books of The Bible is the ancient African version of The Bible. It is a renewed testament, and thereby gives the true account of the celestial angelic hosts. Within it's pages, you will find the genetic origins of all the families of humanity, as well as all other events and miracles that are found in the scriptures.

We invite one and all to receive

the message of Atonement contained within the pages of our Holy Scripture, as it reignites the true

light within the minds, soul, spirit, emotions and body of all members of humanity, wherever we may find

ourselves in this journey through

life. This sacred and long protected work, is dedicated to all our

brothers and sisters across the globe, who through their works

as well as true faith await the

return of the living messiah.

African Book Of Genesis


The African Book Of Genesis

The Ba-Re-Shiyth gives the African account of the garden of
A-Ten (Eden), that was recreated, replenished and reconstructed by the High Priest, Seer and Prophet Baba Ankh An Aton. In ancient times it was referred to as A-Mir-Na, and was the place where the spiritual sciences would be taught to those students who had proven themselves worthy. 


Within these pages you will also learn about the African Genesis story, which was really a refilling or replenishing event, that in time became confused as being the beginning of all creation. However, we as Ancient Africans knew that this was only the

re-surrection, re-population and re-erection of a sacred city.

Also you should know that we have placed back verses that were removed by monotheistic translators, in order for those who are seeking true faith, to know what was intended to be known. 

African Book Of Revelation

The Book Of Revelation

From An African Perspective


Ba-Istanjiyl is The Book Of Salvation. This portion of the Original Books of The Bible, is extremely important, as it demonstrates The Most High AN NAAY RE’s complete knowledge, over the latter day events, nations, as well as the end time prophecies. Inside you will learn details concerning the eventual reestablishment of the Messeh: Ya-Shu-A Ka-Rast’s kingdom.

This will bring an end to the chaotic teachings, that have been brought about through the worldly empires, which dominate, abuse and presently, rule this world.


The Book Of Salvation also unveils the unseen spiritual forces of both the balanced, as well as the chaotic, natures operating behind the scenes, influencing humanity’s history. As such, it is also a book of prophecy, not only concerning divine predictions

of future world events, but also acts as a divine diagnosis of the world’s present state of affairs.

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