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Atonist Holy Days


1) New Years Eve (Civil): December 31st midnight.


2) African Holocaust Month.


3) Friendship Day: Atonist Valentine’s Day, 14th February.


4) Atonist Passover: 22nd March – 28th March.


5) Atonist Lord’s Supper: Atonist Good Friday, which is          the first Thursday after the Atonist Passover.


6) Au-Stiyr: Qubtic Resurrection Day, which is the first            Sunday after the Atonist Lord’s Supper.

7) New Resurrection Day: Day of thanksgiving for being        alive during this time of the Revival of Atonism - Easter.


8) Ya Wum Ba Ka-Fa-Re: Atonist Days of Atonement in          the month of May.

9) High Holy Day of Atonement: Takes place on
    20th June.


10) Ra-Shun-Sana: Congregational supplications which          stress cleansing of the soul are recited during the              summer solstice. This takes place on the 21st June.


11) Marcus Garvey Day: Taking place on the 17th                August, we celebrate the life and legacy of one of          our great saints. 


12) Prophets and Angels Day: Taking place on the 31st          October it explores the African origins of Halloween.


13) Qubic Saints Day: 1st November 


14) Feast of Gratitude: This event takes place on the              fourth Thursday, during the month of November.

15) Kha-Nu-Ka: The feast of Sacred Mental-Lights, that            takes place on the 21st December during the
      winter solstice.

16) Ka-Rastmass: The mass featuring the head spirit, also        known as Children’s day. Taking place on the
      25th December.

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